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The joy of cooking with fresh herbs from your own garden is sadly something that not all people experience. Maybe people don't have sufficient outdoor space or have limited indoor light. Perhaps it's because some people don't have a green thumb and just plain forget to water their plants!

With the hydropatch™ Mini Led Herb and Salad Garden it's pretty easy to grow your own herbs, even if you don't have a green thumb; simply plant and forget - hydropatch™ will tell you when to refill your water.

Now, no matter where you live you can have an indoor herb garden all year round!

Below are a list of herbs that you can easily grow in your hydropatch™ Mini Led Herb and Salad Garden to get you started:

This is a subtle yet slightly bold licorice flavoured herb. Tarragon is most popularly used in Bearnaise sauce but is also great in salads, with its best friend the tomato; or with other complimentary herbs like parsley. Give it a try with dishes like roast potatoes or sauteed mushrooms and it won't disappoint.

If summer could be defined by one herb then it's gotta be sweet basil. Add it to any salad for a pop of flavour or, if you have an abundance, then pop it in a blender with some olive oil, pine nuts and seasoning to make a cracking pesto sauce. We think the best way to use basil though is on it's own - with a quality mozzarella, sweet summer tomatoes and drizzle of olive oil - season as you like of course.

Dill is quite a dominating herb so it's best to use it sparingly. That's not to say it wont compliment the right dish; it's great with salmon, cucumbers or in a tasty tzatziki dip. Got some veggies to pickle? Then dill is your best friend.

One word: refreshing. Mint is the kind of herb that makes your mouth feel cleansed and refreshed. It's the perfect companion to lamb and goes swell in most salads. Don't forget about tea though; dry some leaves and drink your way to great digestion.

The little brother to spring onions and garlic, the chive is subtle and friendly. Add it to finish off almost any dish, simply snip some off and sprinkle away. Chives are resilient and great at regenerating themselves.

This earthy herb is so versatile it will go with almost any meat. It's a great addition to stocks and soups and goes well with any sort of tomato based dish. Oregano is a happy-go-lucky kinda herb that's near impossible to kill.

Parsley, the old stalwart of the herb family. Eat it by the bunch to cure a case of bad digestion or bad breath or simply add it to ANY dish that you feel like garnishing. Also a must for soups, stocks and sauces.

One of the greatest things about a lamb roast is the addition of rosemary. Of course it also gives the humble roast veg a flavour pop, accompanied by a lashing of olive oil or if you must, duck fat! This herb is pungent and can over power things so it's best served in cooked dishes.

Slightly bitter and can over power easily, sage goes well with pork and poultry. Fry in butter for the ultimate indulgent combination and drizzle over potatoes, gnocchi or blanched veggies.

Coriander / Cilantro
Also known as Chinese parsley, coriander is a magical, aromatic herb that goes fantastically in just about any Asian dish. It has quite a strong flavour and odour that may offend some but it does have its health benefits; it can aid with skin inflammation, high cholesterol levels, indigestion and conjunctivitis.