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The Hydropatch™ LED Grow Light Herb & Salad Garden uses energy saving and long life LED lights to create a photosynthesis process that mimics the sun. Without sunlight there is no growth, even if you live in an environment where you get plenty of indoor sunlight it is often not enough, as in most cases the sun is being filtered by glass windows which reduces the amount of sunlight by at least 5%; this can distort the natural grow cycle of the plant.

The Hydropatch™ LED Grow Light Herb & Salad Garden has both a red and white LED light, designed to give your plants the best possible chance of thriving in an indoor environment. The white light is used as a table lamp but also has elements of blue light that helps with vegetative growth.

The red LED grow light is important, as it is the primary driver for photosynthesis and encourages flowering. What’s photosynthesis you ask? Well it’s a way in which a plant makes it’s own food in order to grow and thrive. To make food plants require sunlight, water and carbon dioxide (us humans and animals help with that!). Water and fertiliser is added to the basin of the Hydropatch™ and only requires refilling every 2-3 weeks, making it a highly self-sufficient indoor growing unit.

So why is photosynthesis so important? Well it provides food for us humans and animals and, as plants create their own food they release oxygen. Adding more plants to your indoor living space ensures that you are creating a healthy and oxygen rich environment for your home or office.

It is recommended that when using your Hydropatch™ LED Grow Light Herb & Salad Garden, you switch between 8 hours of white light and 16 hours of red light for optimal results.